Athlete being coached about form while deadlifting at Junxion Performance


Junxion Performance is a two-floor fully private performance center in Montréal with an integrated clinic and a team of certified strength and conditioning coaches.

What we do

With a primary focus on athletic performance enhancement, Junxion Performance caters to the needs of elite and up-and-coming athletes looking to master movements to build the pillars of strength and prevent injuries.

  • Woman biking on an assault bike in the Junxion gym
  • Wide view of the Junxion Performance gym with the turf in the foreground and the weight section in the background
  • Athlete using the battle ropes at Junxion Performance
  • Junxion Performance weight lifting area with a view of the turf to the side

Top-tier professionals supporting top-tier athletes

Marc Giroux using squat machine inside Junxion Performance gym

Marc Giroux

Junxion Performance Director, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Colin Louie, osteopath, during a treatment with a patient

Colin Louie

Osteopath, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Athletic Therapist

Marc Nadeau performing a deadlift

Marc Nadeau

Strength and Conditioning Coach, Athletic Therapist