Hockey player doing a sharp turn around a pylon


Program details

The Proformance Exposure Training Camp (PRO-ETC) is the sequel to our Mentorship Camp for the U14 birth year.

Exclusive to the top Canadian, American, and International U14 players, this five-day camp will take place from June 25th to 29th 2023 and will focus on mastering all the "little details". We will be selecting 16 forwards, 8 defenceman and 4 goalies for the event.

Players attending the camp will get the chance to experience an NHL off-ice testing combine, refine on-ice positional skills and techniques in small groups (8 players per group in all morning skates) and learn through video analysis workshops.

All participants will play in an exposure 5-on-5 showcase and play in a 3-on-3 Thursday tournament. This elite group will also attend daily Developing Good Habits seminars that include topics such as Off-Season Fitness, Proper Nutrition, Social Media Awareness, Pre-Game & Post-Game Preparation, and the Scouting Process for Prospects.

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